Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your house before you know you have an infestation. Many homeowners have preventive termite treatments regularly as part of their home maintenance routines. While termites get a lot of attention, there are other wood-destroying insects that can also damage the wood in and around your home. Be aware of these 3 wood-destroying insects besides termites.

Carpenter Ants are Common Wood-Destroying Insects

Carpenter ants may not sound that serious because they don’t actually eat wood. Instead, they excavate tunnels through the wood to build their nests. It is easier for them to burrow into softened, damp, and rotting wood, so they don’t seem as threatening to a sound, well-maintained home. However, they will also attack dry wood. Minimize the impact of carpenter ants by ordering a WDI inspection to detect them early on.

Bark Beetles

A popular feature in rustic homes is natural wood, featuring intact bark on logs. This creates a cozy look for cabins but also provides a perfect habitat for bark beetles. These pests work behind the bark, boring galleries into the wood’s inner layers. In time, the wood is so badly degraded that the bark falls away, revealing the underlying damage. If the home is not being closely monitored for bark beetles, they can do considerable damage.

Powderpost Beetles are Destructive Wood-Destroying Insects

After termites, powderpost beetles are perhaps the most destructive wood-destroying insects. They bore into any kind of wood, building tunnels that compromise its stability and strength. The larval form of this insect hatches in a small crevice of wood and then eats wood as it develops. When it reaches maturity, it creates an exit hole.

It’s critical to detect the early signs of a powderpost beetle infestation. A qualified home inspector will know what to look for long before the infestation becomes severe, giving you time to carry out treatments or to simply walk away from a sale.

Termites are not the only insects that can be a threat to your home. These and other wood-destroying insects cause damage to your home, furniture, and the trees on your property. Schedule a wood-destroying insect inspection to protect your home from infestations.

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