If you enjoy inviting family and friends over for summer barbecues, you’ll want to find the right grill for cooking out. There are many different types of grills available, and doing your research is essential to understand the product you are purchasing. If you’re shopping for a new grill, let’s look at a few options.

Types of Grills: Charcoal Adds a Smoky Flavor

Charcoal grills are among the most popular types of grills, and their owners love the delicious, smoky flavor the charcoal adds to food cooked over the coals. A charcoal grill takes longer to warm up and requires more care, but once they are going they get hotter and cook well. The primary downside of charcoal grills is the difficulty in cleaning them after every use. However, they are affordable, portable, and easy to use for beginners.

Gas Grills Are Popular Types of Grills

A gas grill is easy to start and quick to heat up, and you won’t have to remove and dispose of the coals after each use. Gas grills are available in a variety of sizes and burner configurations, depending on your space. Your food will not have the same smoky flavor as a smoker or charcoal grill, but you can use spices and marinades to make it tasty.

Electric Grills are an Option for Condo Dwellers and Renters

If you live in a community with rules restricting open flames, electric grills are an excellent alternative to gas or charcoal. They don’t require the same amount of cleanup as charcoal or propane grills. Most electric grills have a small footprint, so they are easy to store indoors or leave on the patio without sacrificing much space.

Smokers: Perfect for Barbecue Enthusiasts

If you grill primarily for the delicious smoky flavor it adds to food, a smoker is perfect for you. Smokers work by cooking meats at a lower temperature for a longer period of time. This takes longer but adds smoky flavor to every bite. Smokers are typically larger than other grills, so you will need plenty of space on the deck or patio for this appliance. However, the size of a smoker makes it perfect for cooking large cuts of meat to feed friends and neighbors.

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