When was the last time you had your home inspected? If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve not had an inspector look over your property since you first purchased it. The best way to know the value of your home and understand any needed repairs is through a pre-listing inspection. Here are reasons every home seller should hire an inspector when selling their property.

Streamline the Negotiation Process

Repairs are one of the most complex aspects of negotiations for both buyers and sellers. Debating what repairs are needed and finding a contractor to complete them wastes days or weeks of your time. A pre-listing inspection gives you insight into repairs to make to avoid lengthy discussions with buyers and their agents. An inspection also helps accurately price your home and reduces the likelihood of price negotiation.

Order a Pre-Listing Inspection to Learn About Your Home’s Condition

Since you are used to the nuances and quirks of your property, it can be challenging to notice defects in your home’s condition. A home inspector will examine the house and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Learning about your home’s condition helps you gain a realistic view of the property value and the needed improvements.

You May Avoid Another Inspection

Sellers gain the advantage with a pre-listing inspection in hot housing markets where buyers need to move quickly. Prospective buyers who see your inspection report will feel confident you’ve taken care of issues and have maintained the property. Some buyers might be willing to skip their inspection entirely. When the buyer waives their inspection, it speeds up the sale process by weeks and saves time and money.

A Pre-Listing Inspection Allows You Control Over Repairs

If you skip the pre-listing inspection, you could be in for pricey surprise repairs. Having a professional assess the home before you list it gives you control over the repairs. When a buyer’s inspection discovers issues, the buyer may want to decide who makes the repairs, which might be the more expensive contractor.

Wins Credibility With an Inspection

Buyers want to feel confident the home they are purchasing is free of major issues. Obtaining a pre-listing inspection shows you care for the home, which increases a buyer’s trust in you. The buyer will be more likely to make a reasonable offer on a property when they trust the seller.

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