Warmer weather may inspire you to make improvements to your outdoor living spaces. Your front entryway is the first thing people notice when they visit your home. It provides an impression of your house to friends, family, and your neighbors. An attractive front porch boosts curb appeal and helps to increase your property value. Here are a few inexpensive ideas to help improve your porch.

Start With Cleaning to Improve Your Porch

Remove everything from the porch: the doormat, planters, outdoor furniture, and any clutter. Dust everything and vacuum up any debris with a shop-vac. Hose off the porch. Clean the windows, including the screens.


You might simply paint the trim around the doors and windows or you may tackle the bigger project of painting porch railings and spindles. Paint is inexpensive and you may only need a gallon depending on the size of the porch. This project will cost between $30-$80, determined by the quality of exterior paint you choose.

If you have older front porch furniture, you can update it with a coat of spray paint. Wash the furniture well and sand the surfaces to help the paint adhere. Spray paint is not expensive and you will only need a few cans to cover most pieces of furniture.

Add a Rug

An outdoor rug is a great way to add color and personality to a porch. All-season rugs are available for an average price of around $45-$100, depending on the size. Some rugs are made from recycled plastics, making them eco-friendly and durable. Add a rug and then choose a new doormat to help trap dirt as visitors enter your home. A quality mat for your front door will cost between $25 and $65.

Change the Lighting to Improve your Porch

Replace the light fixtures on the front porch if yours are rusted or outdated. You can find a new, modern fixture at your local hardware store for less than $100. You could also add solar-powered lights to the path leading to the front entrance. These are available for around $5 each. String lights are another inexpensive way to make the porch feel more welcoming. There are a variety of options available and most string lights will cost less than $20 per strand.

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