Is your home ready for an emergency? If not, taking time to prepare will give you peace of mind that you can handle an unexpected situation. Like a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher, basic home safety essentials protect your home and family during potential disasters. Below are six things to have at home to help keep your property safe.

Fire Extinguisher

Most homes have a fire extinguisher, but purchase one from a hardware or home improvement store if yours doesn’t. Fires spread rapidly, so a fire extinguisher used quickly can save your home and family from serious harm. Store it in a place that you can reach easily in an emergency. Keep an extinguisher on each floor of your home, including the basement and garage.

Smoke Alarms are Home Safety Essentials

A smoke alarm provides an early warning in case of a fire, and they are especially useful for alerting you before a fire grows out of control. At night, a fire in your home could be deadly if you don’t have smoke alarms to alert you to the danger. Make sure devices are installed in the bedrooms and on every floor of the home. Test your smoke detectors monthly to verify each unit works properly.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Another important home safety essential is a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide (CO) does not have an odor, color, or taste; a particular sensor is the only way to detect this gas. Test carbon monoxide detectors regularly to make sure they are operational.

First Aid Kit: An Important Home Safety Essential

A first aid kit is a valuable tool in the home. You can treat a minor cut, abrasion, or bruise using the supplies in a first aid kit. Build your own or buy one that includes basic necessities and customize it for your family. Keep the first aid kit in an easy-to-reach place. You might choose to have two or three stored in various locations throughout your home.

Install a Security System

A security system helps protect your home and your family from external threats. There are many different systems available, so you can find one that meets your needs and fits your budget. Modern security setups include cameras that you can monitor from your smartphone, making it easy to see who is on your property.

Escape Plan

A fire escape plan is a safety essential that you can develop with your family members. Locate two exits from each room of the house. Practice the escape route with your family, so they know what to do if a fire breaks out. Choose a designated meeting point a safe distance from the home. Teach children to check doorknobs for heat before opening the door and have them practice crawling to exit the building. Staying low keeps them beneath the smoke and provides better visibility during a fire.

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