Many people began working from home in the past year who had to quickly convert an extra room at home into an office with little thought about how it would be organized. Now is the time to make it a clean and simple space. Here are 5 tips for home office organization.

Make a Filing System for Home Office Organization

Papers are one of the biggest sources of clutter in an office. A well-organized filing system prevents papers from piling up in a messy stack that is overwhelming to go through.

Get a filing box or cabinet, depending on the volume of paperwork that you need to keep on file. Alternatively, you could electronically file paperwork by scanning each page and saving it as a pdf.

Use Compartments in Drawers

To keep desk drawers organized, purchase interlocking drawer organizer sets. These consist of differently sized and shaped compartments to hold things like pens, post-it notes, staplers, and other office supplies. Without a storage solution, drawers quickly become jumbled. These compartments help like-items stay together.

Invest in a Label Maker

Uniform labels will help your office feel more organized. A label maker is a good investment not only for organizing your home office but for labeling storage containers throughout your house and garage.

Make the Most of Wall Space

While you may want to put some art on your office walls, also consider using the walls for additional storage and organization. Hang up a large calendar to keep track of your appointments and deadlines. Install some shelves on the walls to keep books and reference manuals. Using the walls gives you more space without taking up square footage.

Home Office Organization: Mail Station

Designate an area to put incoming mail until you have a chance to sort through it. Otherwise, your family members will not know where to put it and you’ll find piles of mail all over the house. By setting up a dedicated mail inbox in your office, you’ll be reminded to check it once a day so you can file important documents, respond to letters, and toss away the trash.