House fires happen more often than you might think, and they are more likely to occur during winter. In preparation for winter, follow these fire safety tips to reduce the risk of this type of disaster. Here are 5 simple ways that you can promote home fire safety.

Discard Damaged Electrical Cords for Home Fire Safety

One risk for house fires that many people overlook is damaged electrical cords. When a power cord for an appliance or an extension cord has a worn or broken covering, this poses a fire hazard.

Sometimes, cords can be repaired with electrical tape, but to be safe, it is best to dispose of the damaged cord. To prevent electrical cords from becoming worn and frayed, don’t place them underneath rugs and pathways where people walk.

Have the Chimney Swept and the Fireplace Inspected

Any open flame in the house can cause a house fire, from something as small as a candle to a fire in the fireplace. Chimney fires are especially dangerous because they can smolder unnoticed, causing extensive damage before caught.

Prevent this type of fire by having your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional before your first fire of the season.

Do Not Leave Cooking Unattended

Over the holiday season, you likely use your kitchen more often for home-cooked meals. Doing this comes with fire risks, especially when you are distracted by guests.

Stay in the kitchen while cooking and don’t leave any pots or pans unattended for any period of time. Be careful to keep dishcloths, oven mitts, and paper towels away from the hot stove. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen to put out a small flare-up.

Home Fire Safety Includes Grilling Safety

Cooking outdoors can also be a fire hazard. Move your grill off of your covered porch and onto a wide-open area of your yard before lighting it up. It is unsafe to grill within 10 feet of your house or any other structures or overhanging tree branches. Wear short sleeves and tie back hair and apron strings when cooking, inside or out.

Test Smoke Alarms Once Per Month

Smoke detectors are your family’s main defense against a house fire. Make sure that they are operational by testing them once per month. Dead batteries in a smoke alarm put your home and its occupants at risk. Put it on your calendar to complete this simple task on the first of every month.

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