When summer transitions to fall, you’ll need to do some outdoor work to keep your yard tidy. Here are 5 fall landscaping tips to put into action in autumn.

Fall Landscaping Ideas

Fall is a great time of year to switch up your summer landscape style and prepare your lawn for the coming winter months. Remove wilting plants and flowers, feed your lawn, and plant new trees, bushes, and flowers.

Clean Up the Yard

Cleaning up the dead leaves, brush, branches, and dying annuals is the first step for transforming your fall landscape. Uproot any dying or dead flowers and shrubs to prepare the soil for new planting. Then add colorful fall perennials and annuals. Plant trees before winter to let their root systems get established prior to the first frost. Also, rake your lawn before fertilizing and seeding to remove dead grass that may prevent new grass from rooting.

Fertilize the Lawn

The end of summer is a great time to give your fall landscape a boost by fertilizing your lawn for continual growth throughout the season. Lawn fertilization assists with lawn recovery after a summer filled with activity.

Put Down Grass Seed

In addition to fertilizing your lawn, the beginning of autumn is an excellent time to seed for the following year. Germinating seeds will have ample time to strongly root before the first frost, making them more resistant to colder temperatures. Beginning your lawn preparation in the late summer or early fall rewards you with thicker, healthier grass in the following spring and summer months.

Add Flowers to Fall Landscaping

There’s no better time for planting colorful blooms than during your fall landscaping. Adding vibrant colors to your fall landscape creates a warm, seasonal look that enhances the curb appeal of your home. Some great additions that thrive during fall are chrysanthemums, asters, and pansies.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Planting new trees and shrubs as the summer ends and fall begins gives them time to properly root before winter comes. Incorporate hearty bushes and trees to provide your fall landscape with a rich textured appearance.

Give your landscape the attention it needs for a healthy transition of seasons.

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