Whether you are ready to put your house on the market or just want to make some upgrades, you don’t need to spend the money on a major remodel job. There are many easy home improvements that will make a big impact on your home.

Replace the Mailbox

Mailboxes are often neglected and get worn down by the elements. They get dinged and dented and the hinges become loose and may begin to mildew or rust. The mailbox is the first thing you see as you approach the house. Replace your old one for a better first impression. If you have a homeowner’s association, check with them before you make any changes.

Easy Home Improvements for the Front Door

Even if your front door still operates well, the paint or stain might be faded and worn from years of use. A fresh coat of paint, stain, or varnish will liven up the entrance and improve your curb appeal. While you are at it, check the hardware and replace it if needed.

Replace the Exterior Lights

Exterior lights are another feature that needs attention periodically. Most are made of some type of polished or painted metal and will tarnish or peel over time. A standard replacement fixture should be less than $100 each. You may be able to replace them yourself if you have some DIY experience.

Get the Carpets Cleaned

Carpets become worn, stained, and dirty over the years. Have them professionally steam cleaned at least once per year. It will freshen them up and get rid of dirt and stains. You’ll be surprised at how much better they look, and if you have pets, how much better they smell.

Easy Home Improvements: Drawer and Cabinet Pulls

Styles change and so do hardware finishes. Each type of metal finish will come and go in style. You likely have a particular finish that runs throughout your house, whether pewter, brass, or nickel. It isn’t practical or cost-effective to change all of it, but you can get creative with drawer and cabinet pulls. Each knob should cost less than $2 and takes just a few minutes to swap out.

Replace the Toilet Seats

Toilet seats show wear and may become unsightly over time. Replacing them is quick and inexpensive and will make the whole bathroom look newer. Take one of the old ones to your local home improvement store to make sure you match the size and shape.

Replace the Outlet and Switch Covers as Easy Home Improvements

Outlet and switch covers are cheap and easy to replace and will make a big improvement. Over time, they will become worn and stained and may become chipped or cracked. Make sure the color of the covers matches the plugs and switch colors.

The total investment in all of these projects is only a few hundred dollars and you can do most of them yourself. The combined effort will freshen up your home and give it a new look. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to revitalize your home. Pay attention to the details and replace the few small things that will make a big difference.

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