A cluttered home is overwhelming and causes stress. It becomes difficult to find what you need when things aren’t put back where they belong. When a room, storage space, or house is cluttered, it’s challenging to store your belongings. Declutter your home to bring functionality and organization to your living spaces.

Declutter Your Home: Where to Begin

Decluttering is a big job, so be prepared to do some work. Gather a few empty boxes and a trash bag or two and you’re ready to get started. Choose a room to begin in. If it seems like a daunting task, hone in on a smaller area. Start with a kitchen drawer or a kid’s bedroom closet. You might start decluttering your stash of craft supplies or downsize your cookware and kitchen utensils. As you make progress, you’ll feel inspired to continue the project.

Sort Belongings

No matter where you choose to begin, you’ll start by sorting the belongings in that area. Create different categories: things to keep, items to give away, trash, and belongings that need to be repaired.

Now you’re ready to get to work. Remove everything from the space and place each item in a category. If you find trash, immediately put it in the garbage bag. Items to be donated should be put in a cardboard box. Make another box for things that need to be repaired. You’ll also have a category of things that you want to keep. These are the items that you will organize and find a dedicated storage place for.

Declutter Your Home by Moving Things Out

Decluttering means downsizing. The goal is to have fewer items in your home to clean and organize. Move things out as you can. When a trash bag is full, put it in the garbage bin outside. As you fill a box of donation items, carry that box to the car and drop it off at a local charity the next time you run errands. Taking care of these things right away gives you less time to change your mind.

If you’ve gathered a box of things that need to be repaired, write a date on the box. Anything that hasn’t been fixed in 6 months should be thrown away.


After you’ve downsized, you’ll have fewer things to put away. To keep your home tidy over the long-term, make sure each item has a place where it belongs. It is helpful to divide your belongings into groups. Car repair items, gardening supplies, household cleaners, holiday decor, and home improvement tools are some common categories. Develop storage solutions to keep these things together. You’ll always know exactly where to find a tape measure if you created an area for storing tools.

Make a point to declutter at least twice a year. You’ll keep your house clean and organized and feel more at ease when you’re spending time at home.

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