Your builder likely provided a 12-month warranty when you bought your newly constructed home. If you’ve been in your home for several months, then it’s time to start thinking about using your warranty for making needed repairs. The following are some reasons to schedule a builder’s warranty inspection. 

Problems Don’t Always Reveal Themselves Upon Move-In

There may be problems in a new home that take time to become apparent. These defects wouldn’t have been revealed in the original inspection because they simply didn’t exist yet. This is especially true with structural issues. It takes a while for a home to settle.

If you notice that there are problems after you’ve lived in the house for some time, then it may be difficult to get your builder to come out to fix them without a builder’s warranty. The warranty requires your builder to return and make certain repairs. The first step in the process is getting a builder’s warranty inspection completed in the 11th month to give yourself time for repairs.

Some Defects Occur Because the Project Was Rushed

Even the most conscientious builder can let mistakes slip through when things are rushed. Some builders might feel pressured by tight schedules and move into the next construction phase prematurely. 

Your builder subcontracted some work to other contractors. An inexperienced contractor might have missed an important step. 

Some issues that occur because of inexperience or the rush to meet deadlines include:

  • Incorrectly installed water heaters
  • Leaking windows
  • Roofing leaks
  • Wiring problems
  • Missing insulation
  • Plumbing issues
  • Grading problems

This is why you need to protect yourself by scheduling a builder’s warranty inspection while you have coverage.

Save Money When You Sell with a Builders’s Warranty Inspection

You just moved in so you’re not thinking about selling the house. However, life changes. You might need to move your family into a bigger home someday or move to a new city for work.

If you don’t get the builder to fix what is their responsibility now, then you’ll have to pay for those repairs before you sell. You might save yourself tens of thousands of dollars in future repair bills by getting everything fixed under the builder’s warranty.

Make sure to get the builder’s warranty inspection completed in the 11th month of living in your home. There will be time for the builder to repair all construction-related defects while your home is still covered by the warranty.

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